Transparent Chair Sculpture
An armchair designed by graphic designer & art director Ruud van Eijk from Amsterdam. A previous photography project for a record label (with lots of toys) inspired him to design a chair and fill it with colorful goods. The result is a contemporary art object that will brighten up any space that it’s placed in. This chair blurs the line between sculpture and furniture. The weightless feel of the acrylic glass in combination with the vibrant look of the items inside makes it an eye-catching item. It’s transparent & colorful at the same time.

The 100% acrylic glass chair (only UV bonding and some screws are used) is filled with toys and other goods. The top of the seat & armrests can be opened. The content can easily be replaced with different items. The project is a creative collaboration of five people from various professional backgrounds: a graphic designer, a media design student, a product designer, a laser cut expert and an acrylic glass expert. Available as NFT.​​​​​​​
Thank you for watching my work.

This limited edition (1 of 1) chair is for sale as an NFT and net proceeds will be donated to charity. (Make-A-Wish & KWF Dutch Cancer Society). NFT comes with the physical (acrylic glass) chair sculpture.