Unique Custom Artworks
Are you looking for an original artwork? Something personal that's not for sale online or in a gallery? 'One of a kind' in the perfect sizes and colors? Nice! Together we'll create your new artwork. You can update me with the graphic design/style wishes and personal elements additions. Color palette, sizes, print/frame material etc. We'll discuss it all. After receiving all your input I'll be able to start. After my first proposals I'll change and update the artwork till it's 100% perfect. Previous artworks below.
Ruud van Eijk x Lizzy van der Ligt:
Ruud van Eijk x Dylan Haegens:
Ruud van Eijk x Ratino Magazine:
Step-by-step plan:

1. Think about the general style.
Minimalism or maximalism? Collage art? Colorful? Online inspiration examples are welcome.

2. Choose your personal elements.
These additions make the result 100% unique. Send me keywords & photos etc.

3. We'll discuss the colors & sizes.
Are we going for full-color or, for example, a palette that perfectly matches your interior?

4. I'm going to work on your unique design.
Before I start we'll call or video call. Together we'll go through all the details.

5. There's room for adjustments.
I'm looking forward to your response and (possibly) creative input. After that I'll finalize the design.

6. Print/frame material choices & time to order the print. 
Photo print on acrylic, aluminium, canvas? Also order a frame, or you want to do that yourself?
Various projects:
Some print/frame options & ideas:
Thank you for watching my work.
Let's discuss your own custom made artwork. Contact me for info.