You Look Good Mirror
Always remember: You Look Good. 
NFT (1 of 1) comes with a physical, framed art piece with shattered mirror elements (also 1 of 1). An idea that I had for a mirror. Animation + extra art piece. A project about appearance, insecurities & beautiful human beings. Check the physical version & making-of.

I became a father in 2021. 25% of the net proceeds of this sale > donation to Make-A-Wish. My father died from cancer in 2021. 25% of the net proceeds of this sale > donation to KWF Dutch Cancer Society. Donations will be done with the addition of the collectors name (if desired). I’ll use the other 50% of the net proceeds to work on new creative NFT projects to do it all over again. :) Available as NFT.
Donating to charity. One NFT at a time.

Let me quickly tell you why I think that my NFTs can make the world a slightly better place.

Digital art in general is my passion since 2005. My client work includes allot of branding and visual art. I’ve worked with DJs like Zedd, David Guetta and more. I really like projects like that. But personal art & design projects and collaborations with others are super important to me. I love to support charities through my personal art. NFTs give me the opportunity to digitally sell my personal art projects. I’m blown away by the possibilities and I’m in this for the long term.

From the net proceeds of my NFT sales, I will always donate a big portion to charities (~50%). I’m supporting Make-A-Wish because I simply love what they do for children and I became a father myself in may 2021. I’m donating to Dutch Cancer Society because my father died from cancer in february 2021. I love everything that Make-A-Wish and Dutch Cancer Society stand for. It’s my goal to work on creative projects and donate big parts of the proceeds to charity. Together with me, my collectors (you?) can make this possible!
Thank you for watching my work.

This limited edition (1 of 1) item is for sale as an NFT and net proceeds will be donated to charity (Make-A-Wish & KWF Dutch Cancer Society). NFT comes with the physical, framed art piece with shattered mirror elements.